Etappen einer Flucht

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"Etappen einer Flucht“ (Stages of a Flight) schildert die Geschichten einzelner Menschen auf ihrer Flucht und lässt sie zu Wort kommen. Simon van Hal, als Fotograf und Nermin Ismail, als Journalistin und Übersetzerin, begleiteten Menschen, die ihre Heimat verlassen haben, auf der Suche nach einem neuen Leben. Ob im Schlepperzentrum in Izmir, an der griechischen Küste, am ungarischen Bahnhof, an der slowenischen Grenze oder in den Unterkünften, gibt dieses Projekt den Menschen Raum zu erzählen und schafft ihnen die Möglichkeit gehört zu werden.

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Co funded by the Creative Europe Programme

Living Realities – Changing Perceptions

Living Realities – Changing Perceptions is a socio-political, transdisciplinary art project bringing the contemporary living realities of people who had to leave their countries in search for a new home into focus. The touring exhibition Stages of a Flight forms the common thread throughout the transnational venture and is expanded by participative art projects in each respective country, spanning from the creation of theatre performances, music and singing classes, photography workshops to discourse formats. The project creates encounters through art and encourages dialogue about current questions of arriving and living together, aiming to change perceptions and perspectives for the participants as well as audiences.


More than 65.6 million people around the world are currently fleeing. Every day, people are forced to leave their homes. There are various reasons for this: Many are persecuted for expressing opinions that dissent from those of the authorities. Numerous countries continue to threaten minorities with execution. Some girls and women flee to escape forced marriage. Natural disasters and profit driven encroachments into the living environment force people to leave their homes. To flee is not a crime. Half of all those currently fleeing are young people under the age of 18 and children. 84% of them find refuge in so-called developing countries. Very few make it to Europe. Currently, there is no legal route. The European Union is partly responsible for many of the reasons which cause people to flee. However, not even 3 % of all those who are fleeing reach Europe. A result of the continent’s increasing isolation and the fact that more and more people die trying to reach it. It is more important than ever that worldwide efforts are made to promote social cohesion and that a platform is given to initiatives that encourage encounters and foster solidarity.


Brunnenpassage Vienna, UN Headquarter Vienna, Fotogallery Gmünd, Studio Alta Praha, Impact Hub Athene